26.04 2021

Apteka.ru increases the number of pharmacies in its partnership network

The online ordering service Apteka.ru works with a large number of pharmacies. Two months ago it had a total of 16,180 pharmacies in its partnership network, and now this figure has increased to 18,631. Thus in two months its number of partner pharmacies has increased by 2,451.

According to the rating 100 largest Internet Shops in Russia, drawn up by the Data Insight agency for 2020, the Apteka.ru service came third out of 100 shops, rated by the number of orders, and first in the “Health” category. In total, Apteka.ru had more that 32 million orders in the year, 48% more than in 2019.

In the Pharma-Q survey conducted by Ipsos, Apteka.ru retained its leading position in terms of customers’ satisfaction with the quality of its service. Together with the fact that the service has a large number of conveniently located partners, the ability to order goods from its range of pharmacy products saves customers a significant amount of time, energy and effort.