Apteka.ru is a nation-wide Russian web portal for searching and ordering medicines and other pharmaceutical products.

Apteka.ru creates a competitive advantage not only for Katren, but also for our customer pharmacies partnering with this service.

The essence of the service is that website visitors order pharmaceutical products on Apteka.ru and choose to pick them up at one of the listed partner pharmacies, whichever is more convenient to pay and collect the products. Katren delivers the order to the selected pharmacy on the next working day.

Apteka.ru improves the quality of medicine provision to end consumers:

  • Drugs become more available (a wide product range throughout the country)
  • Attractive prices
  • High-quality medicines from the country's leading supplier
  • Ease of ordering and choosing the nearest pharmacy

The main benefit for pharmacies is additional customers. After placing an order via the website, the customer will necessarily visit the partner pharmacy they've chosen; after making several orders, they will get used to going there.

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Financial Benefit

Margin of profit for a pharmacy from the sale of orders placed via Apteka.ru

It depends on the city where the pharmacy is located and the specific situation in the region. Nevertheless, the pharmacy gets a financial benefit from this sale, and here is why.

A pharmacy's costs to sell medicines depend less on turnover than on the number of finished transactions. The average receipt at a regular pharmacy is for 250 to 300 rubles: with margins of 30%, the pharmacy gets 70 to 90 roubles per transaction. The Apteka.ru web portal mainly processes large orders: the average bill is 1500 roubles. With a 6% margin, the profit will be the same 70 to 90 roubles. Therefore, a customer picking their order from Apteka.ru is no less profitable than a traditional visitor. In addition, the buyer pays the pharmacy on the same day, whereas the pharmacy pays Katren in accordance with its deferred payment date, providing additional cash flow.

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Additional Sales

When handling Apteka.ru orders, pharmacies have the opportunity to engage in further promotion of their products. When an order comes to Katren from the portal, a notification is automatically sent to the pharmacy in question, stating the contents of the order and delivery time. The pharmacy knows exactly what the buyer will come for and, knowing the contents of the order, the pharmacist can offer related products to the customer at the usual pharmacy margin.

Service partners can earn money through Apteka.ru without any risk: if the buyer fails to collect their items within a few days, the pharmacy simply returns it to the Katren warehouse. However, the returns level for Apteka.ru orders now barely reaches 6%.

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Apteka.ru does not compete with traditional pharmacies

Apteka.ru caters to a specific audience that is simply invisible to traditional pharmacies. Apteka.ru visitors tend to dislike going to pharmacies, similar to users of online stores: they preferring to order everything they need at once and save money. Such trade is very specific and requires a different stock control system.

Attracting such customers on their own would mean a complete reorganization of business for traditional pharmacies. Katren helps increase revenue from such customers without disrupting the usual pharmacy procedures.

Many Apteka.ru visitors order dozens of products at the same time. For example, expectant mothers may order hygiene products for the baby, cosmetics for the mother, toys, baby food, and much more - all in one order. In a traditional pharmacy, it would take an hour to serve this customer, not to mention that all the necessary goods might not be in stock. Or, for example, a customer going on vacation may put together a first aid kit of all necessary things to travel. They should study the instructions in detail and compare prices – this is too time-consuming for the pharmacist, whereas the customer can do it on their own at the web portal.

In addition, there are scenarios with huge orders: an ordinary pharmacy would be simply unable to handle these (for example, an order for 50 blood pressure monitors).

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Advantages of the Apteka.ru service over online pharmacies

Apteka.ru is not a competitor but a partner for customers of pharmacies. Now, all Web pharmacies might be divided into three categories.
The first one contains online “shop windows” for conventional pharmacy chains. Each of them works for a specific chain, attracting customers. With a few exceptions, these online stores are very small because of the low number of pickup points: turnover is small, and it is not profitable to invest in global promotion. All in all, they are more like promotional projects for pharmacy chains.

The second, most dangerous category are websites that operate without a real pharmacy. The quality of their products is unknown: without a pharmacy as part of the company, it is not clear which license they have, who issues receipts and who handles complaints. Such companies usually have no actual location, so regulatory bodies cannot check them. These market participants only discredit the very idea of online pharmacies and scare away buyers.

Apteka.ru is in a category of its own. It is not a competitor to pharmacies, we constantly increase the number of collection points and guarantee high quality. Apteka.ru does not give orders for the house, because under Russian law, delivery can only pharmacy organizations that have permission of Roszdravnadzor. Therefore, with the help of Apteka.ru, Katren brings a client to a partner pharmacy and provides him with a high level of service.

It is necessary to understand that e-commerce will evolve whether we want it to or not. Today, we are capable of building a civilized system including traditional pharmacies and guaranteeing high-quality medicines. Otherwise, online trade would still grow, but as a competitor for pharmacies and as a source of hazardous medicines.

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The popularity of the Apteka.ru service is growing

Number of views at Apteka.ru

DEC 2019
more than
views per month

As of the end of 2019, Apteka.ru gets more then 13,000,000 visits monthly.

Apteka.ru Partners

Joined the Apteka.ru programme

DEC 2019
more than
partner pharmacies

The main requirement for partner pharmacies is the absence of debts to Katren.

Shipping to pharmacies with outstanding debts is blocked automatically. Katren is willing to work with all responsible pharmacies and give them a significant competitive advantage via Apteka.ru.

* The term «order» at the www.apteka.ru portal and (or) in this article is to be understood as the formation by a user of the above-mentioned website of a request to JSC Katren on behalf of a pharmacy organization selected to supply the goods in accordance with the delivery contract concluded between the two latter parties.

This information does not constitute a public offer and is for informational purposes only.

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